Cafe Hopping: Cafe @ The Showroom

This cafe, Cafe @ The Showroom is really not so much a cafe as it is a showroom. Located about 10 minutes away from Tanjong Pagar, we only stumbled upon it because we were walking around searching for a different cafe along the same stretch. In fact, judging by it’s exterior and interior, one wouldn’t even know it was a cafe if not for the fact that we saw the cake counter as we passed it on our way to search for a 7-11 to buy coupons for our parking.

It is very white, very clean and very minimalistic. When you first walk into the cafe, it really doesn’t feel like you’re walking into a cafe (and rightfully so!). It isn’t a very extensive eatery by any means – just a counter with a menu board and some bakes and cakes for the day. We were quite stuffed from the other two cafes but we decided on coffee and some affogato for our test.


I had my standard – a latte. This is your average latte. It wasn’t overpowering or sour.. it just was like any normal latte you would have at any normal cafe. Lots of milk .. smaller portion of espresso and viola, a latte for you. I normally like my latte’s stronger but I’ll admit that after the syphon coffee scare, I was just looking forward to normal coffee. The sourness of the syphon was still lingering in my mouth, so I welcomed the milky latte with open arms. Though not strong, it was gentle enough to cleanse my palate – exactly what I needed. We also ordered an affogato to share.

An affogato which in Italian means “drowned”, is a scoop of vanilla ice cream that is topped with a hot shot of espresso. Some affogatos do include alcohol but we asked and checked and there was no alcohol in ours 🙂 I really enjoyed the affogato which came with a chocolate swirl biscuit because it helped to get rid of the horrid sourness in my mouth and the lightness of the ice cream combined with that shot of espresso was just right. There was nothing too overpowering about this dessert which was really what we needed on our third cafe stop.

Kit on the other hand, had herself an iced cappuccino. Kit likes her coffee strong and she often opts for double shots. This time around was no different – one double shot iced cappuccino for Kit but she was a tad bit disappointed with the coffee because she found herself having what seemed like a latte than a cappuccino. Unfortunately, the intensity of the double shot was watered down by the larger than normal amount of milk used in the cappuccino.. thus, leading to a milder (and non-authentic) iced cappuccino for her.

Truth be told, I think we were more intrigued (okay, smittened) by the general minimalistic feel of the entire place – white, quotes by famous philosophers everywhere (hello Lit major!), travel magazines arranged neatly on plush soft chairs… plus, we were the only 2 people there.. which would be expected, considering that they are actually a real estate showroom for overseas properties.


So, unless you don’t really mind having coffee while people behind some frosted glass doors are selling properties in and on some Island, this would be a nice, quiet break from it all. I did notice people come in to buy takeaway coffee, though I’m guessing these are probably office staff from around the area who were stopping by for their afternoon coffee fix (We were there at 3pm).

If you’re looking for the entire arty-farty cafe scene/vibe, then this place will disappoint because it really isn’t that. However, it does serve a decent coffee with barely any crowd but it definitely isn’t one of those places you can sit for hours and sit and enjoy the ‘scenery’. But don’t let that stop you from trying it out 🙂 Parking though is by your old school paper coupon method – $0.50 per half an hour, so do have your coupons handy!

Where: 79 Tras Street, Singapore 079018

How to get there: 10 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station
Halal Status: Not halal

Our verdict?  ♡ ♡ ♡ / ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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