Cafe Hopping: Butterscotch Cafe

Amidst hardware stores and neighbourhood bakeries in Bukit Merah Central lies the modern and visually-appealing Butterscotch Cafe, the latest Muslim-owned cafe to hit our shores.

It’s hard to miss the cafe because its modern white and brown decoration is striking against its more ‘heartlandish’ surroundings.

I arrived there with a friend shortly after lunch hour and found the cafe relatively empty, though given their newly-opened status, it shouldn’t be something to hold against them. The menus were placed at the entrance of the cafe so we grabbed one and managed to find ourselves a seat.

Their space is relatively small, with the first floor of the cafe seating a maximum of approximately 20 people but because it was relatively empty when I was there, it was cosy enough for us to have good conversation in a quiet enough setting.However, given their current space, I am not sure what will happen when business picks up in the cafe and it gets more crowded. I vaguely remember seeing a more “seating upstairs” sign though. 

As its name suggests, Butterscotch Cafe’s menu consists of quite a number of dishes that feature its namesake, butterscotch and truth be told, I was quite excited to try these dishes. As we were about to order, a service staff came over to let us know that their mains were not available yet but that their desserts, drinks and sides were all available.

In lieu of that news, we ordered a table full of random dishes. To satisfy our curiosity about their butterscotch, we tried the Bomb Alaska and their signature Butterscotch Soufflé which were both served with butterscotch ice cream. We also ordered a plate of french toast. To combat all this sweetness, we ordered a plate of Buffalo Wings which we washed down with a long black and their Mango Mix Cranberry Juice with Peppermint Leaves  . I think we would have ordered more dishes if they had their full menu up.

Since we didn’t order any mains, we enjoyed our numerous desserts and sides simultaneously.

I was particularly excited about their Butterscotch soufflé (SGD $14) because it has been touted as their speciality on both their menu and their  various social media sites. A soufflé is primarily a lightly-baked cake made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites. In French, the word soufflé means “to blow up” or “to poof up” and blow up it did! When the soufflé arrived at the table, I was so amazed at how poofed up the entire dessert was ! As one instagram user put it quite aptly, the soufflé was standing “tall and proud”.

Though the soufflé came served with a scoop of butterscotch ice cream and chocolate sauce, I tried it first without any of its add-ons. Even on its own, it was flavourful and tasted great without the need for the additional dimensions of flavour. Despite the huge portion, even when I reached the end of the ramekin, I didn’t feel too full.

One of my fears when it comes to soufflés is that the taste of eggs would be overpowering , given the dish is made primarily out of egg, but this soufflé didn’t disappoint. I wouldn’t say it’s the best soufflé I’ve ever tasted, but it ranks quite high on my list.

We also ordered their Buffalo Wings (SGD $8) which my friend enjoyed thoroughly. The wings were coated in a sticky chilli sauce and was a nice mix of sweet and spicy. It wasn’t as spicy as other buffalo wings that I’ve tasted before but it was definitely a hit with us at our table. Good sauce, well cooked chicken, crispy enough skin – all checked!

On their menu was also their Brioche French Toast (SGD $14) which my friend and I knew we had to try. Their version of the dish came served with bacon, caramalised banana and maple syrup. Before ordering, I approached the service staff to check about the bacon used and was assured that they are a cafe that serves Halal food and is Muslim-owned, and that the bacon used in their dish is turkey bacon.

Our dish came and I must say that the chef in the kitchen makes a mean french toast with just the right amount of egg dipped in the brioche. This meant that the bread didn’t overpower with the taste of egg but was cooked well enough that it could be enjoyed with the bananas and syrup. I would say that the introduction of the turkey bacon was a nice salt hit in the dish and cut well across the other sweet flavours.

My one let down during my visit to Butterscotch Cafe was ironically, the butterscotch ice cream. Two dishes that I ordered came with butterscotch ice cream – the soufflé and the Bomb Alaska . While I earlier raved about the former, what I didn’t like about it was the ice cream accompaniment. Butterscotch ice cream is one of my favourite ice creams and I carry sweet memories, both literally and figuratively, of it with me. However, there was something that wasn’t quite right about the small scoop I had. Unlike other butterscotch ice creams I’ve tasted before, this one wasn’t as sweet and it also had a slightly metallic aftertaste that I couldn’t quite place. For that reason, and that reason alone, I didn’t finish my ice cream.

Unfortunately, I ordered a second dish with butterscotch ice cream – the Bomb Alaska (SGD $12). The Bomb Alaska comprised of a huge chunk of butterscotch ice cream sandwiched between two blondies and topped with blow torched meringue. Like the previous ice cream, there was something not right about it. Unlike the first ice cream I tried which had a metallic aftertaste, this one left a strong burnt taste in my mouth. I thought it was just me so I got my friend to try it and we both agreed.The meringue was very sweet (like it had way too much sugar) and this combined the burnt ice cream made this dish my least favourite dish.

While we were trying out Bomb Alaska, one of the service staff came around to ask me how the food was and if I was having a pleasant time there. I shared my opinions about the bomb alaska and took the opportunity to clarify about their halal status. He shared with me that they are definitely a Muslim-owned eating establishment and that their meats are supplied from Zac Meat & Poultry, a halal meat distributor in Singapore. He shared with me that he personally does the ordering for the meats as well. He further went on to tell me that none of their dishes contain alcohol and their drinks and desserts are both alcohol-free. Even the lady whom he sources his ice cream from does not include any alcohol in her ice cream and the butterscotch ice cream which usually has alcohol, according to him, is made without alcohol.

Their drinks, the long black (SGD $6.50) as well as their Mango Mix Cranberry Juice with Peppermint Leaves (SGD $6.50) were well-received with little complaints but my friend did say she wished her drink of juice could have had an extra punch. I was happy with my long black which I thought was strong enough to keep me awake.

The popularity of Butterscotch Cafe is growing quickly, given its Muslim-owned status. and even though my dining experience there wasn’t perfect, there were many redeeming factors such as their buffalo wings, their coffee, their soufflé and their french toast. While I wasn’t as lucky to try their other dishes this time around, I hope I’ll be able to stop by and try the rest of their menu.

Personally, I find them slightly pricey (we paid SGD $64 in total). Given that we had no mains, I did get a slight shock when I went to pay for our meal. However, I suppose the dessert portions are quite huge which makes up for the price.

I’ll definitely be back for more to try their mains, which I hope will be ready for patrons to try soon but in the meantime, I’ll stick to ordering my soufflés and licking the ramekin clean.

Where: Blk 164 Bukit Merah Central #01-3625,Singapore 150164

Opening Hours: 

Tues – Sunday: 8.30 am – 10 pm

How to get there: Nearby MRT Stations: Redhill MRT Station . Bus Services in the vicinity: Bus 14, 147, 196, 197, 855, 961 and 961#

Halal Status: They are a halal eating establishment owned by Muslims. They do not serve alcohol either. However, they do not have a Halal certificate. We verified with them via Facebook and this was what they shared with us:
“Yes it is muslim-owned and all the meats and ingredient s used are halal. No alcohols are used in any of our dishes and desserts”

UPDATED: 17/12/2013 – Butterscotch Cafe posted the following message via their Facebook page so we decided to share it here:

Vegetarian Options: Available but limited to only a few dishes. (You will need to check with them if you don’t take garlic and onions)

Our verdict? ♡ ♡ ♡ and a half / ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ (3 out of 5 hearts).


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