ETF 2016: Finding the Faith again

We are about 19 days away from Eiding The Feast 2016 and everything is slightly crazy.
My brain is constantly whizzing and I am perpetually glued to my phone , answering emails and replying to texts. It is crazy! And even crazier this year because our number of bakers and cooks have almost doubled and the logistics is insane!

I was chatting with a friend, L, yesterday evening who asked how the planning is going and when I mentioned that these days all I ever do is “eat sleep breathe ETF” she merely laughed at me and said “[It’s a] yearly affair”.


I still affectionately refer to Eiding The Feast as a bake sale when it’s really more than that now!

This year, we were lucky to have The Sunday Times pick up the story on our efforts and featured it in Wong Kim Hoh’s column It Changed My Life”. It was a really amazing opportunity but there was a lot of co-ordination that went into making those bakes appear on the table and attempting to smile for the camera and try not to cry!


Video link: Here 

Every year, I forget how all-consuming Eiding The Feast, and in a good way! I know that the team and the volunteers are working tirelessly to ensure everything is ready for the 18th June 2016. For just a while, everything else takes a back seat (okay except perhaps the people in my immediate circle) and we throw all of ourselves into Eiding The Feast.

If I’m being honest, this year’s Eiding The Feast has proven to be a huge learning curve for the team even though this is our third year running. We’re working with new vendors, costs are increasing, we’re learning how to grow our charity food bazaar which started with 15 bakers outside Working Title’s shop front and we’re also increasing the number of  homes we’re delivering food to… to 6 homes! 7 days! 353 people! I’ve fallen, tumbled, bruised myself countless times now in the last few months and it’s been painful on the ego, on the heart.. on the soul.

Yet, amidst all the chaos and the madness, I have found the most beautiful souls, some people I’ve known for almost 10 years now and some people I’ve barely spoken to, and willing to extend a helping hand and do what they can to help us help everyone give back to society.

People like my friend, H, who text me and say “Do you need help? With it being the school holidays, I can help out where I can” or friends who silk screen print every single apron because the rising cost of aprons was killing us ($890 for aprons alone is no joke!).

And I guess, for me, that’s really the greatest blessing of all throughout this ETF journey. My eyes are constantly opened to all the good there is in this world and every time it feels like I am sinking a little too deep into the quick sand, someone comes and stretches their hand out and pulls me out. I am constantly overwhelmed by the love and support that my nearest, dearest and even strangers have shown us throughout the planning stages.

Some days I feel I am running out of steam.. that the train might just stop at some point but then, I get texts from people like H or pep talks from my husband and my parents who remind me of why I started this in the first place, or my cousin who takes the time to listen to my concerns, Kit who comes to my rescue when my printer dies as I’m about to print 23 copies of volunteer sheets and these cheerleaders of ours, our friends and loved ones, they are the ones who keep me (and the rest of the team) going and that reminds  me that there are a lot of people looking for really yummy cake so I mustn’t disappoint them.. and that there will be 353 people every day for an entire week who will be looking forward to really amazing food.

More importantly…. is the fact that there is an entire team of people who are working with me to organise a charity food bazaar, 36 bakers and cooks who are raring to go and sponsors who have given selflessly to our event.

So, while it is daunting and scary not knowing how things will turn out on the day itself, I am also excited and I really, really hope that tons and tons of people will turn up for our charity food bazaar.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and if you have the time on 18th June 2016, come on by our charity food bazaar from 12.30pm – 5.00pm , buy some cake and come say hello to my team and I!

Your friend,




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