Sponsored Post: Ramadan Seafood Fiesta @ Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Buffets during Ramadhan are a little tricky for me. I find that I don’t eat that much during iftar because the stomach is so used to taking in a small amount of food the entire day. As such, when Atrium Restaurant at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium approached us to try out their Iftar Ramadhan Seafood Fiesta, I was a little hesitant at first since I was worried about not being able to enjoy the entire spread but I decided I would give it a go anyway.

I was happy to learn that their iftar Ramadan Seafood Fiesta is halal-certified for the month of Ramadan and their certificate is displayed prominently at the entrance of the restaurant.

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Photo Credit: Holiday Inn Atrium

Located on the 4th floor of the hotel, the restaurant’s modern design is warm and welcoming and the high ceilings create an open-concept feel to the restaurant. This coupled with the fact that tables were not squeezed too closely together created a nice dining area where my friends and I could indulge in quiet conversation.

When we arrived at the restaurant at 6.45pm, I noticed that majority of the Muslim guests had already been seated and that bowls of dates and glasses of water had been placed on each table for the guests, all ready for Muslim patrons to break their fast. This was something I definitely appreciated as some eateries can get quite swarmed with orders closer to sunset and some diners end up having to wait.

A quick survey of the Asian-influenced buffet spread showed me that there was a range of dishes, both seafood and non-seafood dishes, on offer for the night, although the name ‘Ramadan Seafood Fiesta’ initially gave me the impression of an all-seafood spread. Other items on offer on the menu included roast beef and barbeque chicken.

Although the buffet was predominantly Asian in nature, there were other interesting additions such as the English Seafood Pie, Potato Gratin and Seafood Paella.


Since I wanted to try more dishes, I opted to stay away from the white rice. However, if you’re someone who requires rice when you break fast,  it is readily available and I would imagine, would go very well with the dishes like the Barbeque Sambal Stingray, the Wok-Fried Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce and the Wok Fried Squid.

I was quite excited to try the Salted Egg Prawns, Roasted Duck, Vietnamese Pho and the Tandoori Fish but unfortunately, I was not in luck as these items were not available yesterday.


There were also two live stations – one for sashimi and one for the Beef Ribeye Au Jus. I’m not a big sashimi fan but my friends shared with me that the sashimi was fresh and comparable to others they have tried. The Beef Ribeye Au Jus was tender, deliciously juicy and so well flavoured. It was definitely a hit at our table with my friends going back for seconds and thirds!

I generally have a Chinese-Asian palette so I was kept quite happy with the chilli crayfish and fried mantous (which were dressed with fried chilli and curry leaves) as well as their famous laksa.



Since the laksa station was a DIY one, I was able to pick and choose what I wanted in my laksa and opted to leave my prawns out since I wasn’t a fan of the cocktail prawns. I packed mine with my favourite tau pok, boiled eggs, and fish cake slices in a creamy coconut broth. The slightly salty and creamy broth was not very spicy and it resembled the Chinese-styled laksa more than the Malay variety. The broth was definitely delicious albeit being a little salty , but I would definitely head back for more.


When I first walked around, the chilli crayfish dish caught my eye immediately and I was very excited to try it and apparently for everyone else too! The dish is a take on the famous chilli crab and so, if you have had the latter, you might consider this to be a thinner, less sweet version of that. Personally, I found that the consistency of the gravy was just right for me but my friends shared that they would have prefered it to be slightly thicker but they all agreed that the balance of the flavours in the sauce was well done. We all mopped our sauces up with the deep fried mantous which were deliciously soft.

Here’s how to tell if your crayfish is fresh: If you can peel all the flesh off together in one go, you’ve got an extremely fresh crayfish. 



There was also the cooked seafood on ice and in particular, the prawns were another hit at our table. One of my friends had six on her own and was happy to go back for more because they were really fresh, sweet and succulent.


Although I tried to avoid carbohydrates, I could not resist going for three servings of their potato gratin. My potatoes were were well-seasoned, cooked and baked thoroughly with with a generous serving of butter, cheese and a creamy bechamel-like sauce. Underseasoned potato gratin is not uncommon so I was quite pleased that they hit the nail on the spot with this dish.



As with every buffet, there was also a medley of desserts available – from cakes to Malay kueh, bubur hitam, and even a DIY ice kachang station and free flow bandung and really good iced lemon tea. More often than not, the small cakes slices buffets tend to be a let down but these cakes were flavourful, moist and a nice way to end the dinner.

After a long day of work, fasting and ironing out some Eiding The Feast kinks, I was grateful for the great ambience, a good meal with great friends and impeccable service from the team at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Restaurant.

The Iftar Ramadan Seafood Buffet runs from 6th June to 6th July 2016 at $78++ / pax (Dinner Sunday – Thursday) and $88+ / pax.

There is an exclusive 1-for-1* offer running this month. Call 6731 7172 and quote “Iftar Specials” to redeem the offer.

Where: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium 310 Outram Road, Singapore 169075

Halal Status: Halal Certified till July 6th 2016

Vegetarian Options: Only salad is  vegetarian.

Our Verdict: 3 out of 5 stars


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