ETF 2016: Thank You to Our Sponsors



As the dust settles on the first part of our annual Ramadan charity food bazaar, ‘Eiding The Feast’, I just wanted to take some time to thank the people who were involved in the planning and execution of our charity food bazaar – our sponsors 🙂

Venue Liaison: Green Media 

A big thank you goes out to Marlinah Ahmad from Green Media who assisted us in negotiating the space for our event and for being there with us every step of the way where venue issues were concerned. Without her, we would not even have been able to score ourselves such an amazing venue.

Venue Sponsor: Agrobazaar 

Agrobazaar selflessly sponsored their venue for our use, hosted our pre-event meet up with the bakers and sponsored the cost of the snacks we ordered, and are also donating 20 per cent of the proceeds from Saturday night’s iftar to our event.

Eiding The Feast 2016 Logo: Adnan Mahmud 

When we decided we wanted to rebrand Eiding The Feast and take it one step further, elevate the concept of a bake sale, we were grateful to have had a friend in Adnan, who volunteered his time and services to conceptualise a new design and worked tirelessly with us until we were convinced this was the logo for us.

Official Photographer: Huda Razak Photography 

We needed a great photographer because we really wanted to capture the essence of Eiding The Feast. A close friend recommended Huda and upon contacting her, Huda was a breeze to work with, making all of us look really good and turning the photos over in record time. We engaged Huda’s services on a voluntary basis and we hope she’ll be back in 2017 again!

Official Media Sponsor: Gaya Magazine 

Gaya Magazine, run by editor Juliana Iskandar, came on board voluntarily as our official media sponsors and did everything they could do to help us drum up publicity and spread the word about our event. From email blasts to  Facebook and Instagram and even a special page on their website, they went all out to help us make our event known to the rest of Singapore (and the world!). They also provided us with actual day media support and coverage.

Collaborator: Asha & Co 


We first approached Asha Adnan from Asha & Co when we saw her hand drawn recipes online and thought it would be a great idea to translate something like that to our limited edition money packets.

Collaborating with Asha resulted in these gorgeous money packets which she hand drew and digitalised for print.

Asha & Co will be launching their website soon , so follow them on Instagram to find out more!

Balloons: Geraldine Chang


I knew I needed balloons at Eiding The Feast and we tried sourcing out sponsors for our balloons but unfortunately, couldn’t get anyone to help us out. Geraldine Chang is one of my closest friends and she decided she would sponsor not 100, not 200 but 2000 balloons for Eiding The Feast!

Silk Screen Printing Services: Kevin Goh, Goh Jiamin, Kiki Bianca 

These people are our unsung heroes who silk screen printed every single one of our 70 aprons that were worn on the actual day. These were printed by hand and every single one was made with hard work, sweat and lots of love. Jiamin also helped us with the silk screen printing of our Eiding The Feast tote bags that were on sale during the event.

Money Packets: Fahmy Said & Haslinda Shafawi 


If there was an 11th hour crisis, our original money packets were it. Pixellated and sub-standard due to the printers we had chosen to use, our money packets were not something I would have felt proud to give to people who had come all this way to support us. Fahmy & Haslinda stepped in to help me rework our original design and sourced a new printer just in time for our Bake Boxes to be sent out. We originally spent a tidy sum on our first batch of money packets and knew we’d have to pay again for a new batch. Fahmy & Haslinda insisted we only pay the same $300 and refused to tell us what the actual cost of the new packets were (they covered the rest!)

Logistics: Diyana Lee & Kamal Ishnin 

One of our biggest worries was the heat in the open-air verandah at Agrobazaar. Even with so many fans and industrial fans around, we were genuinely concerned that bakes might melt and people might be uncomfortable. Diyana and Kamal sprung for air coolers which helped keep the place slightly cooler and created a more comfortable environment for the bakes & savoury items.


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