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Waking up at 4.30am in the morning to prepare sahur for yourself is extremely painful. Trust me, I’ve been at it for a while now.

I used to love eating cereal with milk in the morning – Koko Krunch, Milo cereal, Frosty’s.. but I know, all of these cereals are processed cereals and contain a lot of sugar.While it does contain fiber and minerals, it also digests almost immediately, giving you a quick increase in blood sugar but no energy for later.

I read an article sometime last year on how to choose the right grain for your morning meal and learned that when eating cereal, it’s good to have one that is high in fiber and that using full-fat milk is more filling as it digests more slowly compared to low-fat milk. And this doesn’t just apply to your sahur meals, but impacts how hungry you will be at lunch on normal days too.

So, when I first chanced upon Eats My Life’s granola on Gypsied’s Instagram Post , it looked so inviting that I knew I had to try it. Furthermore, made with ingredients such as rolled oats, almonds, pumpkin seeds and pure honey, I didn’t see how it could not taste good!

I emailed Eats My Life and got a reply from Syahirah, the owner and head baker, who was excited to share a sample pack of their four flavours with me: The Original Mix, Better Choco Late Than Never, Berried Treasure and I’m In Love With the Coco. 


Of the four flavours, my personal favourites are the chocolate granola and the coconut granola. That’s not to say that the other two are not equally delicious! I just am not a fan of dried fruit so I tend to steer clear of anything with dried berries and fruit in it.

Since my first sample pack that Syahirah generously gifted me, I’ve replenished my stock twice! (because my husband loves granola more than I do and empties out 3/4 of the packet in one serving)

So I’ve been experimenting with my morning meals and sahur primarily with the coconut, chocolate and original flavoured granola and I thought I would share some photos:


This is one of my favourite combinations: vanilla yoghurt with chocolate granola, chia seeds, raw vegan cacao nibs (which I got from Project Acai at Holland Village) and fresh blueberries ! This is really very yummy and is one of my favourite granola bowl recipes!


This is another favourite of mine: vanilla yoghurt with coconut granola, organic coconut shavings that my husband brough back from Perth, cacao nibs, chia seeds and fresh blueberries.


For sahur one day, I decided I needed ingredients which would give me greater ‘mileage’ throughout the day  so I used their original granola (which has a medley of ingredients including seeds and grains) on top a bed of vanilla yoghurt, with organic coconut shavings, half a banana and three dates! Needless to say, I was kept sufficiently full till the end of the day with such a good combination of slow releasing energy food items!


This photo was taken on a day where I had little time, and as you can see, little granola left so I just emptied out my packet and threw in some raspberries and blueberries on a bed of vanilla yoghurt. It was definitely less elaborate than the earlier bowls I had made for myself however, my granola was still crunchy and delicious, so I had little to complain about.


a) Taste:  By incorporating ingredients such as pure honey, maple syrup and sea salt into the granola mix, you can tell, just by the taste, that Eats My Life Co uses premium ingredients and really only serves you the best of the best.

b) Texture: I find that there’s a lot of different textures that you bite into with every mouthful and it really does make for a gorgeous dish especially when topped with lots of other equally delicious and complimentary ingredients.

c) Portion Size: Not too big and not too small. This can last me quite a few meals if I portion it out well!

Price wise, for $15 / 300g, it’s definitely not easy on the pocket but you are paying for quality granola and it’s definitely a lot nicer than a lot of the store bought ones that I’ve tried. If you’re new to granola and you want to try their granola, it also comes in a smaller size that costs $9 / 150g. And if you think about it, a normal breakfast might cost you $3 on average so that works up to $15 at the end of a work week too!


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