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My family generally avoids eating out during Ramadan. It’s always crowded and sometimes, you end up sitting with your plates of food in front of you for 20 – 30 minutes waiting for the evening’s prayer call.

However, about three weeks ago, my dad,  cousin and I were out delivering our Bake Boxes to our various friends on social media when my mum called to say she was a little tired and asked if we could buy home some murtabak from Zam Zam for us to break our fast with.

I knew I had a tiramisu delivery from Lip Smackin’ on the way so we didn’t think twice about buying a little extra murtabak. But when we got home, the table was filled with so much food, thanks to the good people from Lip Smackin’!

Lip Smackin’ is a Muslim-owned registered home business that reached out to me via Instagram one day to try their non-alcoholic tiramisu. Naturally, I was excited because it’s so hard to find good non-alcoholic tiramisu that Muslims can enjoy.


Aglio Olio (SGD $15 / Serves 2 pax)

The first main that Lip Smackin’ sent over was this aglio olio dish. When they told me via text that they were on their way and sending us some additional dishes, I had expected to just see a plain aglio olio. The seafood ( squid rings and prawns) in the dish were fresh and  definitely a nice addition to the truffle oil infused pasta which was cooked al dente.

I was particularly impressed with their portion sizes. For $15, I thought that you could feed at least three average eaters. Given that they had also sent over other dishes, my entire family of five people was able to try this dish.


Grilled Lamb Chop (SGD $15 / 500g)

This dish was definitely a favourite for both my  brothers who are huge lovers of lamb chop! The lamb chop was slightly crusty on the outside but tender and juicy on the inside. The marinade used was a nice blend of herbs and spices and definitely complimented the taste of the lamb well. We loved that the marinade didn’t overpower the natural taste of the lamb but at the same time helped to enhance the flavour!



Chinese Chicken Salad (SGD $15 / serves 2 pax)

My father, who is quite careful with what he eats went straight for the salad. The salad   is definitely an oriental salad playing with lots of flavours that are familiar to the Asian taste bud like the tanginess from oranges, roasted nuts, fresh chilli and of course, the chicken is a grilled teriyaki chicken. On top of all this, there is added crunch to the salad in the form of brown rice krispies!

There were a few things I appreciated about the salad dish:

  • The greens were fresh , not drying and dying!
  • They were considerate enough to pack everything separately and even text me instructions on how I could mix everything together
  • The portion size was once again, extremely generous
  • The dressing had a really nice zing to it

I would have never thought of putting oranges into a savoury salad but this dish made it work!

I wish I had taken a photo of everything mixed up but… we all know what happens during iftar right ?


Tiramisu (SGD $19 / 750g)

By the time it was time for dessert, I was super full but made some space for their signature dessert, the non-alcoholic tiramisu. This serving is massive! I measured it to be the length of my forearm! It’s definitely a dessert that you can order for the whole family to enjoy given its size. For one person, this portion size is definitely not the kindest on your waistline or wallet so you might want to save this for a day when you have friends over. Since I haven’t ever tasted the alcoholic version, I can’t tell you how this does / doesn’t compare to that but what I liked was that they were very generous with their coffee flavouring and it definitely had a nice caffeine kick to it.That balanced with the home made custard and the chocolate shavings was very delicious and made for a really nice end to an already delicious dessert.

Lip Smackin’ is open to taking orders from Monday to Thursday but delivery will only be done on either Saturday or Sunday depending on your preference. There’s also a minimum order of $20 which isn’t very difficult to hit, if you think about it and delivery is priced at $8/- island wide.

I had little issues liaising with them and they were very accommodating to changing my delivery address when I knew I was running late from the delivery of the bake boxes and may not reach home on time.

 I’m hoping I’ll have the opportunity to place some orders again perhaps if my friends come over for iftar because this would definitely save me so much time and energy! Instead of running around like a headless chicken, I can just sit back, relax and wait for  my food to be delivered to me! (or I could perhaps attempt to clean my house).

Where:  https://www.instagram.com/fezylipsmackin/ or SMS 9875 9016

Halal Status: Muslim-owned registered home business

Our Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars



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