5 Places To #Eatclean In Singapore

I’ll be the first to admit that trying to eat healthy in a food paradise like Singapore can be awfully torturous. When I head out for lunch and have to choose between a salad or a big fat juicy burger, it’s an internal battle between what I want to eat and what I know is good for me.

In a bid to try and eat a little healthier, I’ve discovered some hidden (or not so hidden) gems around Singapore.

1. Project Acai



Ever since discovering Project Acai over at Holland Village, I have found myself there quite a few times to enjoy bowls of their Original Flower Bowl and their Nuts for Acai Bowl  (both pictured above). Admittedly, it is slighly pricey for a medium sized bowl (about $10) but to be fair, it is a bowl packed with lots of healthy ingredients like cacao nibs, chia seeds, goji berry, fruits and of course that deliciously smooth acai, that also tastes good! I probably can’t afford to eat this every day but every once in a while it helps me feel like healthy. I recently discovered their smoothies too, which I actually love even more than their acai bowls! My favourite is the Where My Chocolate Abs which is so chocolatey and laced with the taste of peanut butter. I love it!

p.s. If you need help pronouncing the word, it’s read ah ah-sah-hee (and not ah-cai)!

Halal Status: Not halal certified, but vegan

2. The Crowded Bowl


Completely by accident, I discovered The Crowded Bowl while queuing for Indian food at the Biopolis food court. Selling only vegetarian salads, this stall is a hit during lunch time and I discovered its name when a commenter on Instagram alerted us to the fact that this looked very similar to the salad place they had when they were still in Republic Polytechnic. A little googling later, I learned that this salad stall can be found in various locations around Singapore including SIM and Science Park. My favourite combination is that of the potato, pumpkin, chick pea and sweet corn mix with Japanese Sesame Dressing. I asked if they used mirin or alcohol in their dressings and they said no, and they don’t serve egg with their main salad dishes either. For $5 for their generous serving, I’m kept pretty happy. I generally ask for a take away bowl because the portion sizes are so big that I can never finish it in one sitting.

Halal Status: Vegetarian , no alcohol used in dressing

3. All Things Delicious


I’ve always loved their philosophy of using good , organic ingredients in their bakes and of course, that amazing vibe that comes with stepping into their beautifully well-lit space, with gorgeous marble tables and the loviest brown wood. Now that they’ve opened up a cafe proper at 34 Arab Street, all I love about their eatery has just multiplied and been magnified. I recently headed out early on a Saturday morning to enjoy me some good, wholesome breakfast, and enjoy I did. My Hearty Breakfast set (2 sunny side up eggs, potatoes, 2 sausages, toast, tomato chutney and salad) cost me about $17 but I believe in paying for good food and good ambience, and that, I definitely received. I’ve got some family flying in from Melbourne in a few weeks time and I’m excited to bring them over to All Things Delicious to try their rice bowls as seen here in a photo by our friends at Have Halal Will Travel !

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

4. McCafe


Not the first name you would normally associate with healthy but some days when I’m feeling lazy to travel out to get a healthier option than what is normally presented to me (nasi padang, nasi lemak, laksa…), McCafe comes to mind. I recently had a ton of projects to rush through and settled for a chicken sandwich (which came with a free cappuccino) and a bowl of mushroom soup. I paid $10 for my lunch that day and definitely felt lighter and healthier than if I had actually went ahead and purchased an Atas burger. Some McDonalds also have stations where you can customise your salads and add things like avocados in them, so yay!

Halal Status: Halal Certified

5. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


In a desperate bid to have something healthy for lunch one day, I stopped by the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet in Holland Village and got myself a Ceasar salad.My Ceasar salad was delicious – fresh greens and succulent grilled chicken tossed in a light Caesar dressing before it was topped off with a poached egg and grated cheese. I loved this version of the salad because most places make it with a hard boil egg and serve it with dry boiled chicken instead! I normally wash it all down with a soy latte, which I absolutely love. If you like a slightly nutty flavour to your coffee, try replacing your milk with this soy option. It’s lighter, healthier and for me, more flavourful. I had my first taste of a really good soy latte when I was in Melbourne in 2010 and I’ve never looked back.

Halal Status: Halal Certified



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