6 Singaporean Out Of This World Bakers (and their crazy cakes!)

Gone are the days where birthday celebrations meant a simple chocolate cake which was adorned with a string of candles.

The cake market today is filled with talented bakers who whip up some of the most amazing cakes known to man! Most days, I can barely make toast without burning it, so the bakers on our list are, in my opinion, superstars!

Here’s our list of Singaporean bakers who make some of the most out of this world cakes!

1. #murderonfarahskitchen

Instagram: @farahshiraazimg_6469



Farah’s cakes are a work of pure art. Every time one of her cakes appears on my feed, I am forced to take a second look to just admire it for all its beauty. The amount of detail and effort that goes into every single item on the cake is really awe-inspiring and this coupled with the fact that she makes every candy and chocolate decoration on the cake herself is in itself yet another thing to be amazed by. I’ve tried her bakes before so I can tell you with full certainty that Farah’s bakes are definitely not to be missed. With the amount of detail you’ll find on the cakes, the prices for single tier cake starts from $150.

2. Kat’s Bakes

Instagram: @katsbakes


I have on several occasions waxed lyrical about Kat’s Bakes on our Instagram account and while Kat’s Bakes doesn’t take orders anymore, she still does have mad baking skills! She recently posted a picture of this dreamy watercolour cake with chocolate sails on her page and I was already salivating. Although she doesn’t take orders, Kat’s Bakes is conducting classes on how to re-create this beautiful cake. You can find out more information on this by emailing her at katsbakes@outlook.sg

3. MadBatter SG

Instagram: @madbattersg


When we first met Zahirah from @madbattersg at the very first Eiding The Feast, we were already blown away by the talent of this trained pastry chef. Zahirah’s works never fail to leave me with my jaws hanging every time I chance upon a photo of one of her creations online and her crazy cakes are no different. Look at the detail on the cakes! How does one begin to eat this! I am so intrigued I want to order one for myself! Zahirah’s cakes are priced $75 onwards for a basic Candyland cake and her prices for a 2-tiered custom cake like the one above starts from $295. You can head on to her website to check out their prices.

4. The Wicked Whisk

Instagram: @thewickedwhisk.sg



Have you ever looked at a cake and wondered if it was real? That was my first reaction when I chanced upon Rini’s cakes at @thewickedwhisk.sg . I recently discovered Rini’s bakes and have been truly amazed by the creations that she’s come up with ! My personal favourite is that last cake with the thick shiny black drip icing, the really black blackberries and the little bits of gold stuck so delicately on the cake. How does one eat a cake like that? It’s so beautiful! Rini’s cakes are huge and so much effort goes into each and every element on her cakes – from white chocolate barks to the glorious coloured ‘glass’ shards. The price of her cakes range from $70 to $300ish, depending on the level of customisation.

5. Hipster Bakes

Instagram: @hipsterbakes


Who says only girls can make pretty cakes? Have you guys seen the cakes by Hipster Bakes, which are baked by Hisyam and Arif They also baked the checkered cake for our newspaper feature earlier this year! Just looking at the generosity of the ingredients  on the cake, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth! Just in case you were wondering, that red cake on the top is a 10″ vanilla cake with crushed oreos, filled with Oreo Swiss meringue buttercream and is finished off with red buttercream and lots and lots of candies and chocolates. I’m getting hungry just reading that list of ingredients! Prices for such cakes start from $50 onwards for a 6″ cake.

6. Whisked by Senorita

Instagram: @whiskedbysenorita


I have my eye on that donut-topped cake from Whisked by Senorita. There’s always something about brightly coloured cakes that catch my eye instantly. Even more so when it is filled with donuts! I love it! The cakes that Whisked by Senorita are topped with home-made elements such as chocolate barks and lollies so you can be assured of great quality. For a 6″ cake, you can expect to pay $68 and up based on the size and customisations required. Aside from these crazy cakes, Whisked by Senorita also does lovely fondant cakes as well if you’re a fondant fan.

All photos have been reproduced with permission from the bakers. All photo credits belong to the individual bakers. 



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