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Pita Pan

For the past 2 years, since turning vegetarian, Shereen and I will go to a vegetarian restaurant to celebrate my birthday. This year was no different as we continued the tradition of a vegetarian birthday lunch for me, with a visit to the relatively new vegetarian eatery, Pita Pan. Pita Pan is strategically located at […]

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Deli Moroccan

Deli Moroccan has been in business on Bussorah Street for more than 9 years, catering to diners who enjoy kebabs. However, a few months ago, the owners opened another branch on the same street, but located closer to Masjid Sultan, selling lighter bites such as sandwiches and wraps. Having been to Deli Moroccan once before, […]

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Yellow Submarines

IMAGE CREDIT | THEBERRY.COM The sandwich is one of those things that has limitless potential. There are so many permutations of meat and/or vegetables you can marry together to get an amazing sandwich. Sandwiches are everywhere: club sandwiches for the rich at country clubs, little square bites for little old ladies to enjoy at high […]

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