Eiding The Feast: Charity Food Bazaar


Eiding The Feast: Charity Food Bazaar is an annual event which sees home bakers and cooks from all walks of life come together to raise funds to provide cooked meals to children from various children’s homes in Singapore during the Islamic month of Ramadhan.


In 2014, founder Shereen Naaz decided she wanted to marry her love for sweet desserts with that of helping children and giving back to society. The event space was sponsored by Working Title Cafe and saw bakes from 15 different home bakers sell out in 2.5 hours. In just 2.5 hours, the team raised close to $6,000 and this amount was translated to sponsoring 20 days worth of cooked meals for children at Jamiyah Children’s Home.

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The humble bake sale grew a little bigger in 2015, which saw 20 bakers come together at our sponsored location, Al Qudwah Academy, and the team raised almost $9,000 which went to sponsoring a total of 20 days worth of meals at Jamiyah Children’s Home and Pertapis Children’s Home.



This year, the team decided to spread their outreach to 5 different children’s homes all around Singapore and pledged to provide 7 days of meals per home. That amounted to close to 2,500 meals island-wide! Together with 33 home cooks (yes!) and bakers, the team raised close to $18,000, at their sponsored venue Agrobazaar, which they were able to secure thanks to Green Media. The team worked with local food businesses such as Rem’i.nis and Butterscotch Cafe to provide cooked meals across the island.

As Eiding The Feast: Charity Food Bazaar continues to grow, we would love to see how we can work together with local businesses and partner with like-minded individuals to help spread more food and more cheer to children less fortunate than us.

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